Battles of the War of 1812

Date Battle Location
11/7/1811 Battle of Tippecanoe Battle Ground, Indiana
7/17/1812 Siege of Fort Mackinac Mackinac Island, Michigan
7/19/1812 First Battle of Sacket's Harbor Sackets Harbor, New York
8/5/1812 Battle of Brownstown Brownstown Township, Michigan
8/9/1812 Battle of Maguaga Maguaga, Michigan
8/15/1812 Battle of Fort Dearborn Fort Dearborn (now Chicago), Illinois
8/15/1812 Siege of Detroit Detroit, Michigan
9/4/1812 Siege of Fort Harrison Terre Haute, Indiana
9/5/1812 Siege of Fort Wayne Fort Wayne, Indiana
9/21/1812 Raid on Gananoque Gananoque, Ontario
10/13/1812 Battle of Queenston Heights Queenston, Ontario
11/20/1812 First Battle of Lacolle Mills Lacolle, Quebec
11/22/1812 Battle of Wild Cat Creek Wildcat Creek (Indiana)
11/28/1812 Battle of Frenchman's Creek Frenchman’s Creek, Ontario, Canada
12/17/1812 Battle of the Mississinewa Jalapa, Indiana
1/22/1813 Battle of Frenchtown Frenchtown, Michigan
2/7/1813 Raid on Elizabethtown Elizabethtown (now Brockville, Ontario)
2/22/1813 Battle of Ogdensburg Ogdensburg, New York
4/27/1813 Battle of York Toronto, Ontario
4/28/1813 Siege of Fort Meigs Present-day Perrysburg, Ohio
5/25/1813 Battle of Fort George Present day Niagara on the Lake, Ontario
5/28/1813 Second Battle of Sacket's Harbor Sackets Harbor, New York
6/6/1813 Battle of Stoney Creek present day Stoney Creek, Ontario
6/24/1813 Battle of Beaver Dams Thorold, Ontario
7/11/1813 Raid on Black Rock Black Rock, New York
8/2/1813 Battle of Fort Stephenson Sandusky County, Ohio
8/10/1813 Battle of St. Michaels St. Michaels, Maryland
10/5/1813 Battle of the Thames Chatham-Kent, Ontario
12/19/1813 Capture of Fort Niagara Fort Niagara, Niagara River, New York
12/30/1813 Battle of Buffalo Black Rock, New York
3/4/1814 Battle of Longwoods Southwest Middlesex, Ontario
3/30/1814 Second Battle of Lacolle Mills Lacolle, Quebec
5/6/1814 Battle of Fort Oswego Lake Ontario, New York
5/14/1814 Raid on Port Dover Port Dover, Norfolk County, Ontario
5/20/1814 Battle of Big Sandy Creek Ellisburg, New York
7/3/1814 Capture of Fort Erie Fort Erie, Ontario
7/17/1814 Siege of Prairie du Chien Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
7/25/1814 Battle of Lundy's Lane Niagara Falls, Ontario
7/26/1814 Battle of Mackinac Island Mackinac Island, Michigan
8/4/1814 Siege of Fort Erie Fort Erie, Ontario
8/24/1814 Battle of Bladensburg Bladensburg, Maryland
8/29/1814 Raid on Alexandria Alexandria, Virginia
9/3/1814 Battle of Hampden Hampden, Maine
9/6/1814 Battle of Plattsburgh Plattsburgh, New York
9/12/1814 Battle of North Point North Point, Maryland
9/12/1814 Battle of Baltimore Baltimore, Maryland
9/14/1814 First Battle of Fort Bowyer Fort Bowyer, Alabama (Gulf of Mexico)
11/6/1814 Battle of Malcolm's Mills Oakland, Brant County, Ontario
11/7/1814 Battle of Pensacola Pensacola, Florida
12/6/1814 Skirmish at Farnham Church Farnham Church, Virginia
12/23/1814 Battle of New Orleans Chalmette Plantation, New Orleans, Louisiana
1/9/1815 Siege of Fort St. Philip Fort St. Philip, Louisiana
1/13/1815 Battle of Fort Peter Fort Peter, St. Marys, Camden County, Georgia
2/7/1815 Second Battle of Fort Bowyer Fort Bowyer, Alabama
5/24/1815 Battle of the Sink Hole Upper Mississippi River