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Joe Logan started his voyage into the study of American History in 2000 after reading a book on John Adams. He also developed our sister sites TheAmericanRevolution.Org and TheUSCivilWar.Org. In 2009 he began studying the War of 1812 and has prepared contant based on his research to produce what you see on this site.

Logan has been quoted on several documentaries on the revolution including those that have appeared on The History Channel and The Learning Channel.

If you are a student hopefully you are one who realizes the importance of understanding where we have been. For the ability of one to make wise decisions is predicated on one who understands history. At least that is what George Washington tells us. Secession is something that at some point in time will re-emerge in the United States and we have tried to pay particular attention to the thoughts of the states in question just prior to the war.

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